Positive Futures

Positive Futures

Positive Futures Programme


CSC’s Positive Futures Programme aims to deliver timely good quality mentors to provide one to one support to a targeted number of Young People brought to the attention of the local authority to achieve their full potential by developing and harnessing, the skills, abilities, knowledge and talents of young people with poor educational outcomes, limited employment and/or training pathways.

1.1 Service Objectives

  • Young People who are eligible for a mentor service receive a prompt referral, appointment, and support of a suitably experienced and qualified mentor

  • CSC mentor’s represent the interests of young people daily


  • The programme provides social value with opportunities


  • Partnerships providing for additional external funding and innovative demand management through the private sector and local businesses


  • Continual learning and improvement demonstrated with service recipients contributing to service


  • Programme Mentoring Staff are experienced and skilled in supporting all of our clients during their educational journey and pathways’ into employment, in doing so, difficulties and challenges experienced are supported together, so all young people successfully graduate from their courses and/or progress into employment or higher training.

Our programme has a high success rate.


1.2       Service Outcomes for Young People:


  • Feel empowered
  • Engaged and connected in education, employment and or training
  • Are consulted in determining service provision
  • Involved in user feedback on services
  • Have increased measurable self -confidence and self esteem
  • Acquire new skills and improved material resources
  • Accessing opportunities to be active and to participate in a range of activities
  • Young people are engaging in positive and healthy life choices which impact positively on their mental and physical health
  • Having a home is a critical component of completing their education and/or training into work.