Who are we?

Who are we?

Our Aims and Objectives

Through priority for the interest of the young person and a collaborative approach; CSC aim to provide a complete care package, delivered by experienced staff who will work to provide a high standard of support, supervision and care for young people, regardless of, their complex needs and challenging behaviours.

Individual care plans are developed in close association with young people, their parents or carers, social workers and all appropriate professionals. This guarantees that we provide a 'young person Focused Approach' (YPFA) encouraging all young people to realise their full potential.

Once a young person is placed within CSC accommodation they will have a key worker allocated to them.

Where appropriate a young person will be matched to a key worker reflecting their cultural background and language of communication. Consideration for gender, sexuality and disability are also key factors. This provision makes CSC unique in its commitment to ensuring priority for the needs of the young person.

An initial assessment will take place in order to identify the young person's individual needs. This assessment, while primarily focusing on the young person's Independent living skills, will also review their particular strengths and difficulties, as identified in their Pathway Plan. A unique 'Independent Skills Check List' Tool developed by CSC is use ein this process.

This tool will be used where appropriate to act as a baseline to track each individual's development and progress.

The individual Care plans will incorporate boundaries, expectations and objectives and this will be followed up by a placement plan which will be underpinned by the five outcomes for children and young people given legal force in the Children Act 2004 and as such they are central to Crown Social Care's programme of support and change and will include:

  •         Emotional, Physical and Mental Health needs
  •         Health promotion and healthy eating on a limited budget
  •         Sexual Health advice and information
  •         Independent Living Skills as identified through the use of the 'independent skills assessment' tool
  •         Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of the young person
  •         Encouraging and enabling the Young Person to have a voice and facilitate their participation
  •         Educational, Training and Employment needs and attainment targets
  •         To celebrate difference, whether, Cultural, religious, linguistic, based on gender or otherwise and how they will be met.